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Geneva Feeder Basketball

Geneva Basketball is the boys and girls youth feeder program for the Geneva High School Vikings. The non-profit organization was founded in 1995, and continues to grow each season. 4th grade teams were added to the program for the 2008-2009 season. The program is designed to provide players a competitive environment at each age group, and prepare them for the next level of competition. 


Geneva Basketball is the boys and girls youth feeder program for the Geneva High School Vikings. The program is designed to provide players a competitive environment at each age group, and prepare them for the next level of competition. There are currently boys 3 thru 8 and girls 4 thru 8 grades, with the girls and boys participating in various leagues and tournaments. Each year, Geneva continues to increase our level of competitiveness at all levels, including post-season honors and strives to follow three goals:
  1. Consistently looking for ways to reinvest back into the program to improve upon the Geneva Feeder platform benefitting our players, coaches and parents alike
  2. Consistently looking for ways to use the resources and volunteerism of the Geneva Feeder program to create awareness in the community around the benefits of playing the game of basketball
  3. Consistently working and partnering with Geneva School District 304 and the Boys and Girls basketball programs at Geneva High School to continue to build upon the already strong basketball legacy in the Geneva community

Continuing the Geneva tradition. Geneva has a long basketball history, gong back over 100 years for boys and 25 years for girls. Both programs have achieved success including conference, regional, sectional, super sectional and state titles. The purpose of this feeder program is for players to develop their skills and allow them to build team cohesiveness that they can carry with them through high school.

Geneva Basketball’s volunteer staff teaches the fundamentals of basketball in a fun atmosphere to build character, friendships, and develop the most competitive teams we can at each age level. Our focus is on each player’s growth and development as an athlete, student and individual. Sportsmanship and teamwork hold great importance in the growth of our teams and organization. We are committed to preparing players with the skills, knowledge and leadership needed for them to compete at the highest level they desire.

Make Geneva Stronger. To do that, we need to continue to develop the basketball foundation at each level. Players will be encouraged to participate beyond the winter season in order to continue their development, including camps, clinics and other off-season structured training. Our desire is to field two or three teams at each grade level for both boys and girls, with 10 players on each team.