Pool Play Into Bracket Play

The Geneva 2024 Tournament is structured as Pool Play into Bracket Play. 3 game guarantee, with potential for 5 games
Teams are ranked out of each pool as:
  1. Record W/L
  2. Head to Head
  3. Points Diff
  4. Points Allowed

Teams finishing in 1st or 2nd in each bracket will receive an invitation to play in the State Tournament.


  • Team rosters may have a maximum of 15 players unless approved by tournament directors before one week of tournament. A player can only be rostered on ONE team!
  • All players must have the same jersey color, with their individual numbers on the back.
  • An intermediate sized ball (28.5) will be used for all girls games. A 29.5 sized ball will be used for all boys games.
  • Teams will have 3-5 minutes for pre-game warm ups.
  • It is important that teams and coaches stay vigilant of the game schedule and starting times. Be prepared to play back-to-back and be in the facility 10 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled game. A team shall forfeit if they fail to arrive by game time.
  • Referees are instructed to have zero tolerance for foul or abusive language from players, coaches, parents and/or fans.  Referees have the authority to issue technical fouls and, if necessary, ejections. Coaches are responsible for players, parents and/or fan behavior. Failure on part of coach, player, parent and/or fan to promptly leave gym upon ejection will result in game forfeiture.
  • Scorekeepers and scoreboard operators will be provided. Both teams will be responsible for entering their line-ups on the supplied score sheets. 
  • In the case where a scoreboard operator and scorekeeper are unavailable, each team will be responsible to provide someone to run the scoreboard and keep the scorebook. We ask that you use good judgment in having a responsible individual fulfill the assignment. 
  • Teams must supply their own warm-up balls. Game ball will be provided by GFB.
  • No one is allowed on the floor, at any time, except the two teams scheduled to play. The weather may be inclement and we need to keep the playing surface clean and safe for the players. The teams that are waiting to play and siblings are not allowed on the floor between games, at halftime or during timeouts. We are working on tight time constraints and need to keep on schedule. It is also distracting to the teams trying to compete and allow the officials to keep better control over the playing court. Thank you! 
  • Three (3) coaches per team will be allowed free admission.


  • Games will consist of two (2) – twenty (20) minute running clock halves for all grade levels. The clock will stop at all whistles after the 2 minute mark in the 2nd half only.
  • Three (3) full timeouts per game, to be used in either half. One additional timeout per overtime.
  • In case of tie game after regulation, first overtime will be 2 minutes in length. Second overtime will be sudden death. Clock stops on all whistles. 1 minute allowed between 2nd half and the beginning of overtime or between overtimes. Jump balls start overtime.
  • Two technical fouls on coach or player in one game result in immediate ejection. Technical fouls count as non-shooting fouls. Two points be awarded to the opposing team and the ball. Any coach or player that has been ejected from a game will be ejected for the remainder of the tournament.
  • At the discretion of the referees, any player judged guilty of fouling with deliberate intent to injury will be ejected. Any coach or player that has been ejected from a game will be ejected for the remainder of the tournament.
  • Five fouls result in foul out. Bonus (1 and 1) on 7th team foul and thereafter each half for all grade levels. Double Bonus (2 shots) on 10th team foul and thereafter each half for all grade levels.
  • Full court press is allowed at any time during the game. A team cannot press if they are ahead by 15 points or more.
  • “Mercy Rule” – Clock will NOT stop in the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half when a team is ahead by 15 points or more.
  • Three-point shot is in effect.
  • Referees – 2 patched per game
  • The Referees have full authority on the court. No protests allowed.
  • All other rules in accordance with the current ISHA rulebook.
  • The Tournament Director has the final authority on all rules and interpretations, and may shorten game times to comply with facility contracts.